Native Instruments’ New Traktor Kontrol S8 MIDI Controller

Xavier Capdepon Music ProductionNative Instruments’ Traktor Kontrol S4 MIDI controller has been a staple product in the DJ world. As time goes on and technology continues to develop, new products come into the market that push the Traktor Kontrol S4 to the side. What is Native Instruments’ response? They create the next product to top the charts in the DJ game. Native Instruments are now coming out with the newest product in their Traktor DJ equipment line, the Kontrol S8.

The new MIDI controller is receiving high praise from renowned DJ’s such as Carl Craig and Luciano. The new features that are of importance are that Native has taken out the standard job wheels that you see on most DJ controllers. They have added a built-in display instead of the jog wheels. The display consists of track and sample decks with four channels with their own separate volume faders. There are eight new performance pads and a BPM knob has ben added as the tempo fader are fading out. Replacing the jog wheel is the increasingly popular touch strip (as seen on the Novation Twitch).

More and more turntables are doing away with the standard jog wheel as DJs are looking for a more practical way to manipulate sounds and mix tracks. The jog wheel is reminiscent of the original turntable using venal records. Now that technology is changing, so are the times. Jog wheels are reminiscent of the old days, as they are not necessarily practical to the current DJ world. DJ’s are trying to push possibilities and creativity in their sets, and this is exactly what Native Instruments’ new Kontrol S8 is trying to accomplish. Traktor is shaping the future of DJ equipment as DJs will soon be able to leave their computers on the side and only work on their sets via the MIDI controller.

Take a look at the trailer below for a better sneak peek.